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Basic Guide

No Problem Even for Beginner! Basic Guide with Images

How to Import Material?A setting guide of reassurance for first time user .

Available Software

All materials are compatible with ClipStudioPaint. Click and check for more information.

Materials Import and Setting Methods

Please read this especially for those who are purchasing for the first time or digital-beginner. You can use materials with more securely.

What is Basics of Material?Get to know the basics and using materials more convenient.

Basic of Brush

Explanation with detailed setting method of brush. Learn the basic and use brush material freely.

Basic of 3D

Don’t worry about the high thresholds of 3D. Complete description of 3D basic operation by categories.

Basic of Tone

A polite explanation of the tone’s basic. Let’s use digital tone that has evolved far more than analog!

Basic of Background

Operate heavy files smoothly. Customize freely according to your own style.

Basic of Balloon

Easy operation with troublesome flash. Learn the digital balloon.

Basic of Imitation Sound

An detailed explanation of Imitation Sound which change variously by arrangement.

Tips of Correct Lines and LT ConversionIntroducing line width correction for various styles and tips of LT conversion.

How to Correct Line Width

The line width of material can be changed according to various style. Tweak freely to your favorite material!

Photo LT Conversion

Instructions for photo LT conversion of Clip Studio Paint and tips about changing photo materials into awesome comic style background.