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Convert photo to comic style background! Bacics of Photo LT Conversion

Clip Studio Paint have a very convenient function (LT Conversion) that
convert photo to background image for comic in one click.
However, the photo looks too realistic and doesn’t not fit in the comic scene. 


This basic of LT Conversion page will show you how to quickly change photo in to a comic style background.


Let’s make the best use of the digital function,
and try to make it faster and more efficient which cannot be done with hand-draw!

※ LT conversion can be used only with Clip Studio EX









How to use the setting Window




First, open the LT conversion setting.
Import the photo material and click Layer tab→ LT conversion of layer.

Click here and see how to import photo materials.





The setting window of LT conversion.
It looks like complicated but it’s okay, there are only 4 necessary functions.
②Correction line width
③Detection of detection
④Tone work and Posterization





Well here will explain them one by one.

When you check the ①Preview, the photo will be monochrome picture.
Preview is very convenient for changing or adjusting setting,
so be sure to tick first at the beginning. 





Then, ②Correction line width.
The smaller the number, the narrower the line. The larger the number, the thicker the line.
Let’s adjust to the line width that suit your style.

※The line width will become easier to see if untick the ④Tone work.




The ③Detection of detection is like a light source setting.
Shadow will appear (the line gets thicker) in the direction of the arrow .

Basically, set it in 2 direction with the light source of the photo and personal preference,
then it will be done.





When tick ④Tone work and Posterization, they are automatically set up.
※100% (beta) from the left , 30%, 10% 

You can adjust the shadow to your liking by sliding the △ symbol.





To reduce the number of tones, slide the △ symbol to the right end.




To add a tone, hover the mouse cursor over the blank area and click.
※Click when the + mark appears in the cursor area.


Click the number to change the tone density.





When all adjustment are completed, press OK.
A set of outline (line drawing), tone work and Ground layer were completed with 1 click.





When the threshold of fill in black is ticked, the beta will appear.
Although it seems convenient at first glance, but the line drawing and beta are identical and cannot be separated. 

Let’s extract separately from the line drawing with ④Tone work and
do not tick the threshold of fill in black.
In this case, it will be easier to edit later.


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Preparation・Density Adjustment of Photo and Resolution



 Resolution of photos

The accuracy of photo LT conversion greatly affects the resolution of the photo.
Recommend to use a larger photo image with a resolution greater than 1600px in width.
※The photo image with a resolution around 600px in width are not good for LT conversion.



 ・Density adjustment of photos

With the density of photo, the impression of LT Conversion can completely change.



●Bright Photo

Cleaner (Less dust)

・Easy to finish in comic style

Shadows become weak when it is too bright, and lines become too thin = touch up will be difficult

※Example like the part of old castle


●Dark Photo

・For night scene
・Strong shadows and less to touch up.

※Example like the part of old castle


・Too many dust and too realistic

・Can’t understand each parts when it’s too dark.

※Examples like the front part of staircase and wall.


The accuracy of detection and compatibility of LT Conversion are vary for each photo.
It is better to adjust the density according to the scene before LT Conversion.





Density and contrast of photo material can be freely processed by Tonal Correction.
Please adjust the level correction, tone curve and so on from the Edit tab → Tonal Correction.


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Tip For Photo LT Conversion To Show Comic Style




Although Clip Studio Paint’s LT Conversion is a very useful function,
but the result is too realistic and cannot fit in the character of a comic.


Also, it is annoying that accuracy of detection and compatibility of LT Conversion are vary from photo to photo.

Here will show you come tips to fix the comic style.




①Combine 2 line drawing



For some photos, 1 time of LT Conversion may not good enough.
So the following example will combines 2 line drawings.


First, set the Correction line width to 0 and remove the tick for Tone work.
Then press the OK button to make the 1st main line drawing.

Next, set the Correction line width to 3 and tick the Tone work.
Then press the OK button to make the 2nd sub line drawing.





Extract the necessary parts from the sub line drawing
and correct it with a tone scraping brush.




The figure (top ) is main drawing.
The figure (bottom) is the combination of sub line drawing with the main line drawing.




Finishing Example


In this way, they can complement the missing parts by placing good parts of 2 line drawings. 

For more details, check out the page:
A High Quality Shortcut! Make A Abandoned House with Photo LT Conversion



Also plants are not suitable for LT Conversion,
the key point is delete them all and redraw the plants.

Plants can be drawn easily by using brush materials.
Please make good use of them because brush materials from MANGA MATERIALS
suit very well with Photo LT Conversion.




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②Add contrast to shading



Photo turn to monochrome after LT Conversion have no sharpness of color and it looks blurry.

Each part of color photo is divided firmly by colors, but monochrome picture has less color,
so it becomes difficult to recognize the three dimensional of each part.





So this figure are applied with sharpness and contrast.
Gradient in the water and sky, beta on the trees.
To divide parts firmly, put outlines in the building and the object in front.


In this way, the photo become comic style.


Sharpness and contrast can be applied even with a small number of colors for monochrome.
For more details, check out the page:
Overwhelming Tine Reduction! Make A Western Style Mansion with Photo LT Conversion



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③Combine 2 shadeing of beta



Good shading may not appear with 1 LT Conversion
because the amount of light differs depending on the photo.

Therefore, the following example combines 2 layers (beta).


・First shading

The front wall and the stairs are in good shape,
but the old castle in the back is too thin and it looks like hard to touch up.

・Second shading

The castle in the back is good but the wall and stairs at front are crushed in black.

In this case, combine the 2 layers of beta after LT Conversion.





This figure is the combination of 2 layers of beta.
Made with good part of shading in the front and back.



By using 2 shading like this can greatly reduce tons of touch-up.
For more details, check out the page:
Quickly Change Photo To Comic Style! LT Conversion Of Old Castle Photo



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④Tips collection



Figures below show 7 tips to make Photo LT Conversion in comic style.

①Remove unnecessary dust with “Remove Dust” filter function.
②Paste a sky tone
③Add hatching lines
④Also add hatching lines to the beta part
⑤Add outlines to each part
⑥Redraw all natural object
⑦Put shadow on the surface with tone.

※Please refer to the color of the right figure for each item.




Completed Drawing



The finishing methods needs to changed variously according to the photo,
because the accuracy and impression of LT Conversion change depending on the photo.

This is just only few example.
The more idea and skill you have, the more useful it is.
Please try them all in your own work.

Check this page out for details of the making:
Quickly Change Photo To Comic Style! LT Conversion Of Old Castle Photo



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