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Quickly Change Photo To Comic Style! LT Conversion of Old Castle Photo


“I wish if I could make it easier and faster to draw a background.”

There must be many people who dream like this.
Since comic has so much to draw ,reality is that time and energy cannot keep up with the ideal.

LT Conversion of photo from Clip Studio Paint is the feature that make your dream come true.
If you import photos into Clip Studio Paint, it is a very reliable function to make it to monochrome picture with one click.


However, picture that converted is too realistic to fit in comic scenery.
This page will shows the process of convert a photo into monochrome comic style background with LT Conversion.


Photo Material Import Method Here
Learn basics of Photo LT Conversion Here





LT Conversion of old castle photo




Import the photo into Clip Studio Paint and open the LT Conversion’s Setting Window
(Layer Tab → LT conversion of layer) 

The brightness of this photo is considerably different at the front and back side.
So work and combined with 2 types of beta/solid color (=100% tone work) 


First, focus on the front side and then
convert the first line drawing and beta (solid color) with LT Conversion.





Next, focus the back side and LT conversion the second beta (solid color).





Cut out the unnecessary part of the second piece of beta.





Now, the first and second one are combined.
It is balance at the front and back side.

By doing these, you can save a lot of drawing time.





Then cut out the natural objects.
Natural objects that after LT Conversion don’t match with comic style.
So just remove them boldly and redraw.





Because it look too real, so we “Remove dust”.
It will remove unnecessary lines and make it a simple of comic style.





The unwanted things which does not disappear with the “remove dust” , remove them with eraser.





Put a gradient in the sky and draw some clouds to finish it.
After sky tone is pasted, the background get sharp (contrast) and it looks more like comic style.
※Using Cloud Brush 





Add some drawing on the castle, to enhance the three-dimensional effect.
Since the rough lines have been converted by LT Conversion, draw it to extent that it supplement it.






Thicker the outlines of stairs.





Make a new layer and add hatching lines to the beta part with white.
A separate layer will make it easier to redo and fine tuning.
※Using Sketching Style Hatching Brushes





Also add some hatching lines with black to the place where it is likely to become a shadow.





It becomes more like a comic style picture with hatching lines and thicker outline.





Then redraw natural objects that just deleted.
You can quickly redraw the natural objects by using brush materials.
※Using Bushy Leaves Brushes




Furthermore, erase natural object and modify parts with outlines and hatching lines.





Consider the light source from the top left, so paste shadow tone on some part.








Tips for making photo with LT Conversion to comic style. 

・Remove dusts using filter
・Only use good parts of beta from 2 LT conversion

・Add some sketching style hatching lines
・Paste shadow on surface
・Add rough outlines
・Redraw natural objects.



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