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A High Quality Shortcut! Make A Abandoned House with Photo LT Conversion


Clip Studio Paint has countless useful features and LT Conversion of photo is one of them.
This surprise feature can turn a photo to a background drawing by one click.  


However, the LT Conversion does not match with cartoon style as it is, so a little knack is necessary.

This page will introduce the making of abandoned house with LT Conversion which make it easy to use two lines drawing. 


Photo Material Import Method Here
Learn basics of Photo LT Conversion Here




LT Conversion of Abandoned House’s Photo




First of all, import the photo to Clip Studio Paint.

From Layer Tab → LT conversion of layer to open the setting window.





Each setting looks difficult with an unfamiliar name, but the content is actually very simple.
First, set “Correction line width” to 0 and untick the “Tone work” then press OK to make the first line drawing.





Next set the “Correction line width” to 3.
Tick the “Tone work” and set it as you like, then press OK button.
The second line drawing and tone are automatically LT converted.





Let the first thin line drawing be the main (Upper figure) and the second thick line drawing be the sub (lower figure).
First of all, we will extract the good part of these two line drawings and combine them together.





While comparing the two line drawing well, leave the necessary part of the sub line drawing
and cut out the unnecessary parts. 





Cut off the unnecessary parts of the main line drawing.
Here, delete natural objects such as grass at the front side.
There are tricks to delete and redraw since the natural things of LT Conversion
do not match the cartoon style.





Correct the line width of sub line drawing.
Adjust it with a scraping brush. (In red circle)



The sub line drawing after corrected.





Arrange and fill in the part that are beta (solid color) with white or hatching lines.




Next, redraw the grass again at the front.
This will make it look more cartoonish.
It might look difficult at first glance, but it will be finished quickly if using brush materials.
※Here using Simple Grass Brush





Add more hatching lines to pop out the sketching style abandoned house.
※Using Sketching Style Hatching Brushes





Redraw the side bushes as well.
※Using Black Leaves (Distant View) Brush





Here, paste a sky tone and draw some clouds from the top of the gradient.
※Using Cloud Brushes





LT conversion of the photo is completed easily with Clip Studio Paint!


Tips for showing photo LT Conversion as cartoon style. 

1.Only match good part from main and sub line drawing.

2.Erase natural objects and redraw them.



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