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    Could you please make brush material of white cloud (the type that can be drawn on tone etc.)?

    You are already selling sky tones but personally, I feel the cloud brush is easier to handle.
    It is convenient because it can be diverted to fog cloud, by drawing directly on tone and also can draw gray clouds.

    I can also draw clouds in front of mountains, and behind birds and airplanes or ” hidden objects in clouds”.

    Although I see similar materials, unfortunately their size is small, the image is rough ….


    However, even though the material of the manga material is always large size and large screen.
    I am proud of the delicate quality that I can draw beautifully and I think that I want a brush of clouds with a flowing touch of a manga material something more than anything.
    Actually, I have bought most of the brushes, I am falling in love with a beautiful touch.

    If possible, normal commonplace (highly flexible) such as smooth clouds, rain clouds, cumulonimbus clouds, mackerel clouds, cirrus clouds, As long as it can be within reasonable scope, depending on the season and weather, I am glad if you can make several kinds of different cloud brushes.


    Even if it is not right now, I will wait for it.
    I would appreciate it if you could consider this as a future work. m(_ _)m

    The materials adopted are given free
    after completion!


    Thank you for your contact!
    I try all of the brushes as soon as I get from you.

    I was impressed!

    While high versatility was also maintained, delicate touch was also included and it felt very easy to use.
    Moreover, the variety of clouds is also varied and I am really happy …!


    I am very happy to have this rich and high quality cloud at once.
    Fog-like brushes are also likely to be used for expressing fog and aura.


    Actually, I drew a manga to explore the misty before I get the brushes, clouds of the night sky and the fog on the ground often came out and it was hard work…
    I wish I could request more early.


    Many existing cloud materials are processed in gray tone like a photo.
    It is easy to use if it is a full-color manuscript, but in monochrome manga, gray tone seemed to be digitally handled anyway and it was not suitable for my style.


    This time it is a brush that can be used with monochrome binary, so I’m very happy with that feature as well.
    I’m really grateful that I got a very luxurious brush for free this time.

    I was deeply moved!


    I personally thank you very much for your kindness.
    I will continue to use it and also purchase materials.