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Staff Introduction and Policy

MANGA MATERIAL is a site that sell materials which produced
and supervised by professional cartoonist with many years of experience.
We also explain how to use them comfortably and understandable for digital beginners.


We have been specializing in digital background production since we went bankrupt with analog labor cost,
and have drawn up dense background for many years without paying labor cost.

“No more energy to pay attention on the quality of the background”
“Background drawing takes too much time”
“Money all gone because of labor and rush printing fees”

We’ve have been there! We understand your pains and troubles,
so we pour all of ours ideas and skills into our materials by carefully creating one by one.


And also,
“I purchased the material, but it did not match my style…”

So to prevent the sad situation like that,
there are tons of usage direction and explanation,
and most of our materials are created with customization features!


Any questions? Feel free to contact us from the inquiries!




・ Material production: brush, 3D, tone, background, imitation sound, effect line, balloon, overseas photography.

・ Site Production: Site System Construction, Site Design General, Site Management.

・ Other: Video production, English translation checking, SNS (Japanese, English) / mail support, supervision, marketing.


【Digital Experience】
10 years



A long track record as a Japanese professional cartoonist. Issued 20 comics.
Completely changed to digital drawing from analog.
Pursue efficiency and establish a drawing system that does not incur expenses.

In addition to various field experiences as analog and digital assistant,
also experience different genre including commercial magazines which are monthly publications in girls’ magazines,
boy magazines, youth magazines, weekly serials, 4 frame cartoon, essays, BL, TL, Doujinshi (Fanzine).


【Using Software】

Manga Studio4 EX/ ClipStudioPint EX/ Shade12 Pro/ Metasequia4 Standard
Power Director 13/ Bandicam/ WordPress





3D production, tone parts production, image editing, site management.


【Digital Experience】

7 years



Make a base of cartoons by Doujinshi (Fanzine) creation of analog manuscripts.
After that, completely polished the digital technology of 3D production, tone production from amateurs, gaining experience as a professional assistant specializing in 3D and tone.


【Using Software】

Manga Studio4 EX/ ClipStudioPint EX/ Shade 10 Pro/ Metasequia 4 Standard/ Photoshop/ WordPress





3D parts production, English translation, Chinese translation, image editing, overseas photography, site management, SNS support(English, Chinese) , mail support.



・ Language skills of Trilingual
・ Idea sending power
・ Knowledge of SNS
・ Communication skills
・ Certainty of support


【Using Software】

ClipStudioPaint EX/ Shade 12 Pro/ Metasequia 4 Standard/ WordPress





Image editing, site management, Japanese SNS support, email support,
officer of the plan and supervision. 



・ Accuracy of the delivery date
・ Knowledge of SNS
・ Communication skills
・ Certainty of support


【Using Software】

Photoshop/ WordPress