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Since I found MANGA MATERIALS, I am addicted to use materials.
I am looking forward to the future release of new materials.



The material is slightly expensive but it is cheap if convert to hourly wage! No complaining to the quality! (^ ◇ ^)



I purchased materials of the MANGA MATERIALS recently, and I can’t stop buying them.
I need to practice for few years more to draw like such a high quality drawing, so it is better to spend some money and it will work like a magic card.




I think the black smoke brush of the MANGA MATERIALS it is really cheap, if you think you bought the time that you draw.



When I saw the black smoke brush, I wonder if It can express such a variegated details with just one stroke……and I really shocked!



Although it is a little expensive, but i can’t live without these materials. 
I found many similar brush but this one stand out the most and super useful.
It also easily prevent the over digitally drawing style and I really love to use these.



Until now, I downloaded many types of wood pattern brush .
But their style is way too dark or lines was too thick which are not my style, and ended up I had to hand-drawn by myself.
However, the material in here is nearly ideal and I am very happy.

After that, I bought a other brush and 3D material and I find it very useful for the manuscript I am currently working on.



Materials are very easy to use at my Doujinshi (fanzine) for summer comic market with pricing is just right and helpful!




Very easy to use (easy to fit with drawing) and I am very pleased to have produced materials with such high quality.

I am also looking forward to new products from now on.



Thank you very much for distributing wonderful materials!
All are high quality materials,
I want to collect all of them someday ^^

I look forward for future materials!


The Arab style photo from MANGA MATERIALS is very useful!
Not only the scenery, but also staircases, corridors, doors, accessories and plenty of material
which is every creators want and needed.  

I really appreciate it.


I quickly download and looking at Arab photos and it is really good quality material.
Because it is include all of construction of building even door, window and ceiling.

Those photo without details of architecture is just limited to use as a reference materials.



I wanted create Doujinshi but I haven’t draw for 6-7 years.


Japanese house is a difficult genre of the stage.

I was prepared for the background to be blank.
However, thanks to MANGA MATERIALS, I was able to make a drawing with a proper background.

As I am a beginner, I can not possibly make use of the material.
However, I am grateful that I could draw cartoons with backgrounds.




Now materials easily can get from CLIP ASSETS or BOOTH (Pixiv) for free.

However when it is actually used, it is too stand out with line stain and difficulty in use.
I am strongly aware of the big difference between pro and amateur made.


The materials of the MANGA MATERIALS is very easy to use and it comes out beautifully in printing.
Once I use it, I cannot be satisfied elsewhere.
I’m planning to purchase other materials as well.


Actually when I first bought the material of MANGA MATERIALS,
I needed a little of courage.

(I bought the “U-Shape Open Corridor” at the very beginning)
There are many free similar materials, but they required a lot of modifying.

However, I purchase it with courage and used it, I was so surprised at how different this one is.

What most surprised me was the fineness details and the clear lines after export.
I wonder if I can do it in 3D.


In addition, the high flexiblity with divided parts and
It can be used without modify because the line afterLT conversion (rendering) is beautiful.

This was impressed. 
The free thing that I can use until now is for draft which also I almost had to rewrite it.
I was able to shorten the time for rewriting, and the screen become more gorgeous.


From the bottom of my heart, I was glad that I bought it,
so that other materials can be purchased without hesitation
like “It will be no problem if it is an item from MANGA MATERIALS”.


There are good ones in the free, and I think that it depends on how it is used, but what It sell as a “professional product” by taking the money firmly, It provide quality that matches price … and I thought again.


I would like to pay for products of the future willingly.
I am also looking forward to the materials that will be produced in the future.