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About Copyright


Materials of Manga Materials are able to process freely, regardless of commercial or non-commercial use.
There are no copyright problems, tracing (copying), diversion, etc. in the material used for material production.


However, the copyright of the material itself belongs to the Manga Materials.

Please note the following prohibitions.



・Secondary Distribution of Materials


Purchased materials as secondary distribution or secondary distribution by misrepresenting it as self-made material or
secondary distribution of trace (copy) materials is prohibited.




・Distribution of Materials Processed Partly


Distribution of processing materials which seems to considerably lower the purchase value of our material is prohibited even if distribution of material which processed only part of material or processed even the whole is prohibited. 




・Distribution of Materials Created Using Materials


Such as background material composed using brush material, 3D material of Manga Materials, even if it is mixed with other materials and manual work, please refrain from redistribution of materials created using this material.




・Transfer to third party ・Resell



Due to the characteristics of the data product, the act of providing the purchased material to a third party such as a friend leads to a new assignment, It may hinder stable material production.

In any case reproduction is prohibited.

When leaks are discovered, charges for the number of copies may be charged.
Those who found the above violation please contact us by inquiry form.