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Overwhelming Time Reduction! Make A Western Style Mansion With Photo LT Conversion


“I don’t want to go to the desk because of the annoying background.”

“If ask assistant to draw one frame like this, it will be so expensive!”


In the past, many cartoon artists face and worry to such troubles.
But now with Photo LT Conversion function from Clip Studio Paint, you can draw background with one click.
It’s really a reliable feature because it save tons of times and cost.


However, some skill are necessary because the LT conversion of the photo doesn’t match the comic style.
Here, this page will show the making of western style mansion by using LT Conversion of photo in Clip Studio Paint.


Photo Material Import Method Here
Learn basics of Photo LT Conversion Here




Pay attention on contrast
LT conversion of western style mansion




First of all, import the photo into Clip Studio Paint and open the LT Conversion’s Setting Window
(Layer Tab → LT conversion of layer) 

Here we proceed with 2 line drawings.
The first piece is main line drawing with 0 correction line width.
The second piece is a sub line drawing with 3 correction line width and tone work,
then press OK to complete the setting.





Decide which part of the sub line drawing to use and discard.
Here using thick lines of sub line drawing at the mansion part.

The “natural objects that after LT conversion” doesn’t fit in the comic style, so we throw it away.





Once you got the 2 line drawings in good position, it’s time to start processing. 


Compare the photo (right) and the monochrome (left) after LT conversion, what is the biggest problem?
The answer is contrast.

Compared to color photo, monochrome images are weaker in contrast,
which making it difficult to understand the each three dimensional parts.





To add contrast, put a gradient on the water surface.
The impression has changed by this step alone.





Next, add decoration on the mansion.
Since the LT conversion are very detail, it is okay to draw the outline of rough parts with straight lines.
If add a beta (solid color) to the shadow part, the three-dimensional effect and contrast will be stronger. (third figure)





Add more and more to enhance the three-dimensional effect.





For the beta (solid color) part, beautifully scrape the gradient with a scraping brush.
It you add a white border, it will become more like comic effect.





Redraw the natural objects.
Here we draw some beta (solid color) leaves from the top.
※Using Black Leaves (Distant View) Brush

At this point, the contrast become more stronger compared to the one that after LT Conversion.




Put a gradient in the sky and draw some clouds to finish it.
※Using Cloud Brush 





It is completed by adding light source in white. 
A background in comic style is easily to make by apply contrast and drawing the outlines.

It take several hours if drawing this by hand.
With LT conversion and materials, it only need 50 mins.
Now, complex background is not scary anymore. 


Tips for making photo with LT Conversion to comic style. 

・Only use good parts from 2 line drawings.

・Stronger the contrast of each parts

・Add outlines

・Redraw natural objects



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