Sketching Style Hatching 2 Type Brushes


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Multi purpose of sketching style hatching brush



Multi brush that can draw hatching lines by one stroke.

Straight Line (Left), Curve Line (Right)




Gradation from solid color(beta) can easily make.




・Numbers of basic setting
For people who have heavy pen pressure control, set a lower size number.
And people who have weaker pen pressure control, set size number higher.

Adjust it to fit itself.




Tree that have strong contrast like below
※Using forest brush




The drawing turn into sketching style in a speed
that can’t compared to hand-drawn(analog).




Distant mountains and tree trunks can also be drawn like painting.




By changing the brush direction while drawing at the edge of the trunk,
it will get a three-dimensional feeling.
※Here using Simple Grass Brush.




※Application Example

When the contrast between building and surrounding doesn’t match.



After Quickly Adjustment
※Using Forest Brush



Material Import and Setting Method

※Please Note※
The import method differs depends on each material.
Those who purchase for the first time and those who not confidence in digital knowledge,
please read before purchase.


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