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Useful Tips That Not Worth To Lose! How to Draw Forest Trails with Mud Ground Brush Material

Ground is a scene that have high frequency of appearance in a cartoon.


Since it is simple in appearance, it look like easy to draw but it is trap if there are massive ground scene.

And ground brush material is unrelated to such pain.
It is a material that draws the scene of the ground at super speed simply by stamp and the stroke.


Mud ground brush is suitable for drawing of ground after heavy rain, or details drawing style with solid (beta).


Learn how to correct line width of brush material here

Learn basics of brush materials here




The making of a black-based forest trail drawing




First, Draw forests.
※Forest brush material used.

Forest brushes are initially set to take distance with pen pressure.
Completing forest trees by stroking from the right back to the left front.





Next, stamp the forest brush with big size in front.
If the size is already the largest, once you stamp it on another layer.
Then expand it and adjust the position.





Make a new layer on top and draw grass on the roadside.
Separate the layers of each part (by the quantity you can grasp),
it is easier to edit and increase work efficiency.

Here we use the black grass brush material.
The black grass brush is initially set so that it takes distance with pen pressure.
Stamp lightly from the back right, strongly to the left front.





Make new layer between black grass and forest and draw bush.

※Using Bblack leaves (distant view) brush, sketching style hatching brush material to add white.




Make a layer at the bottom, draw a light bush and bring perspective to the back of the forest.

※Sketching style hatching brush material used




Finally the mud ground brush comes in.

The mud ground brush is a set of two kinds of materials.
Here we use a mud ground brush (infused with white) to make a uneven surface.

Mud ground brush material is initially set to draw perspective with pen pressure.
Create a new layer,
stamp lightly from the back of the forest and go strongly towards front.
※ Red circle indicates the position and strength of the stamp





Next, Use a mud ground brush (normal) and add shades to the ground.
Because the bottom of the black grass becomes a shadow by the trees of the forest,
Apply a moderate gradation with stamps or strokes.





Scrape the right back part of the forest to make perspective and drawing is cmplete.
※Sketching style hatching brush used




The ground brush is a versatile material that can be used for many natural landscapes.
Please try this ground brush when you are tired of hand-drawing.


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