Grass 6 Type Brushes Set


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Please be aware of repeat purchases because these materials are sold separately.



①Simple Grass Brush











With rocks






②Short Grass Brush

A brush material of short and soft grass.
Can be used for fields or roadside grass.
A total of 13 components. Includes a white background.



A normal perspective drawing.


Create a three-dimensional effect by filling black in gaps
between the white background to make contrast.




 Drawing Example
※ Using materials below
・Ground (Cracked) Brush  ・Simple Grass Brush  ・Bushy Leaves Brush
・Sketching Style Hatching Brush  ・Sketching Style Forest Brush
・Dead Tree (Brush_with White) Brush  ・Cumulonimbus Clouds Tone 03






③White Grass 2 Type Brushes


Pattern composition of white grass brush.
From the left, white grass, sag white grass, with white, with black




Customize the brush by deleting the unnecessary pattern.




Normal drawing



Only “Sag White Grass”



All pattern except “Sag White Grass”



Take a selection area and fill with tone.




Example of reverse color (White as main color, black as sub color)




Make use of the gaps if the black is not enough.




Example of make a new layer below and paint it black.




Please use a distant brush to draw distant landscapes such as grassland.
An drawing example of using a normal brush



Drawing example that using distant brush.
※It has become a misty brush pattern by contains a lot of white.



※ Using
・Small Rock Brush ・Ground Brush ・Ground (Grass) Brush ・Simple Grass Brush





④Black Grass Brush


A normal perspective drawing.




Even if the drawing color changed, it won’t have a pure solid color (beta),  because it mixed with black and white patterns.




To make it pure solid (beta), please change the sub color to black.




When the drawing becomes noisy like this,




Add black solid color (beta) moderately.




When scrape with the color you like, it will have three-dimensional effect.
※Transparent color is used in the example.




An example that draw in a reverse color and scrape the front part with transparent color.


The drawing effect can be change by draw with black or white or scrape with black or white and transparent color.
Please customize for your desired type.











⑤Grass with Stem Brush


There are black and white patterns in the brush.




A normal perspective drawing.




Take a selection area and fill with tone.




Draw in reverse color (White as main color, black as sub color)




An example that draw with black and white color.




A perspective drawing



Finishing example






⑥Weed Grass Brush


Composition of Weed Grass Brush

From the left, White grass, White with Black Grass, Black Grass, Grass with Stem, Foxtail, White Leaves




Normal drawing




Show gaps like this



Example of make a new layer below and paint it black to show three-dimensional effect.




Take a selection area and fill with tone.




※ Using
・Rock Wall Brush  ・Simple Grass Brush
・Ground (Grass) Brush  ・Sketching Style Hatching Brush


Material Import and Setting Method

※Please Note※
The import method differs depends on each material.
Those who purchase for the first time and those who not confidence in digital knowledge,
please read before purchase.


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