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Look Fantastic Even When Using Shortcut?! Draw A Natural Scenery With Dead Tree (Black with White)


Winter landscape with dead trees.
It is a hard task that seems to be thought that “day will going to end” if it is drawing branches one by one.

Dead tree brush is a brush material that makes it easy to draw such dead tree with stamps and strokes.
This page introduces the sunset scenery using dead tree brush (black with white).


Learn how to correct line width of brush material here

Learn basics of brush materials here




Natural landscape drawing with Dead Tree Brush (Black with white)



Draw a draft that will be a measure of the brush stamp.
The image will be concrete when referring to photos etc.





Based on draft, stamp the dead tree brush (black with white).
Please set the size and thickness as you like from the brush setting window





Make a layer below and stamp trees at the back.
When draw a picture with perspective, separate the layers for each perspective.
Then, the subsequent editing and modification becomes easy.





Make a new layer at the top and make some plant with black leaf brush (distant view).





Add grassland, back tree (image left), bush.
* Dead tree brush (black), Simple grass brush used





Add trees further “Dead tree brush (black), Black leaf brush (big/wide) used”.




Create a layer at the bottom, add a mountain in black.
Shave it a little with a hatching so that the dead tree in the back stands up.

※ sketching style hatching brush used





Adjust the root and the ground (using simple grass brush).





Paste a tone on the tree trunk.





Also paste a tone on the plant and the grassland, the mountain in the back.





Last, Make a shade of a tree.

Ctrl + Left click the layer to take the tree trunk selection area.
Because there is a border of white on the dead tree brush,
please shrink the selected area by 0.1 mm when pasting a tone.





Make a new layer and fill it with black.




Transforms it to make the base of the shadow of the tree.





Ctrl + Left click the layer selection to take a selection area, then paste gradation tone.





Add sunset sky tone to the bottom of the layer (Sunset sky tone 02 used).





Add white line on dead tree as highlight, and it is completed.




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