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No Time And Cost Needed! Draw Winter Landscape With Dead Tree Brush (White)


Winter landscape with dead trees.
Drawing branch by branch is very time consuming, and it is a work that want to avoid as much as possible.

Especially white dead trees will take 2 to 3 times more time than black dead trees.
Dead tree brush (white) is a brush material that makes it easy to draw,

by using stamping and strokes only.


This page introduces the making of winter landscape along the lake using a dead tree brush (white).


Learn how to correct line width of brush material here

Learn basics of brush materials here




Winter landscape drawing with Dead Tree Brush (White)



Draw a draft that will be a guide for brush stamp.
When referring to photos, the image will be concrete.





Stamp the dead tree brush (white) based on the draft.
Please set the size and thickness as you like from the setting window of the brush.




Create a new layer below and stamps small trees in the back.
When making a scene with perspective, separate the layers for each perspective.
(Then, the modification will become easier)





Based on the draft,
add grass at the root and in front
of the dead tree. (Using simple grass brush)





Create a new layer below and add trees behind the lake.
(Sketching style forest brush, Sketching style hatching brush used)





Make a new layer on the back tree and stamp the dead tree brush (white).
When stamping in a place where is dark, the shape of the branch stand out.
Stamped dead trees will be grounded with the scenery by scraping the roots.





Add weeds to the front so as to bring further perspective.
(Using weed grass brush)





Paste a tone on the tree trunk.

Ctrl + Left click the layer to take selection area of the tree trunk.
Because there is a white border on the dead tree brush,
please shrink the selected area by 0.1 mm when pasting a tone.

Put a tone on the surface of the water to make a boundary between the front and the back.




Paste a tone on the grassland.





Make a white tone on the top of the back trees and direct air perspective.
It is completed by pasting pale sky tones like winter skies.




In sketching it will take hours to finish dead tree and natural scenery.
But if you use brush material you can easily draw with stamps and strokes.

Please try it.


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