Sky 8 Type Tones Set


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About 7000×3700 pixels 600dpi.
This set of tone material can be expanded and  spreaded in a corresponding page.

Please be aware of repeated purchases because these materials are sold seperately.




・Pale Sky 2 Type Tones


With Shadow




Without Shadow




Enlarged View








・Dark Sky 2 Type Tones


With Shadow




Without Shadow




Enlarged View








・Night Sky Tone 01


Night sky that have no moon




Night sky with moon




Enlarged View





The moon and stars are displayable.
Customize it freely by reduce stars or move the moon.

Night sky with no star.




Example of stars are showing.



Example of moon are showing.



Example of moonlight are showing.







・Sunset Sky Tone 02


Sunset with no sun.




Sunset with sun.




Enlarged View





This material includes tone’s base, shadow and sunset’s sun.
To lower the density of the layer, lower the opacity,
for higher density, just duplicate the layer.




It can be fine tune by lowering the opacity of the duplicated layer.
The shadow of the cloud can be adjust as well.




Please shift the dot layer with moving tool for the duplicated layer.


The sun can be move or hidden.




It also can process to color.



Material Import and Setting Method

※Please Note※
The import method differs depends on each material.
Those who purchase for the first time and those who not confidence in digital knowledge,
please read before purchase.


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