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It’s A Waste To Just Paste It! Use Mesh Transformation For Tone Materials

The tone material can be used with more various variations by using the deformation function.

On this page, I will tell about how to use mesh deformation using “Night sky tone 01”.


For basic usage of tone material, please refer to the following link.
● The Basic of Tones Materials





Mesh deform tone material


Open the Clip Studio file of the tone material and select the layer (folder in this case) to transform the mesh.
※ If the image resolution of the tone material is too high
It takes a long time to process the mesh deformation.
Please perform the following work after converting it to the desired size of your choice.




From the Edit tab, choose Deformation → Mesh Deformation.





Set the number of vertical and horizontal grid points.
In this case, we set the number of grids to surround the moon so as not to affect the shape of the moon.





Slide the point of the grid and add a curved surface to the whole.

bandicam 2016-04-21 12-56-00-119




Transformation completed

bandicam 2016-04-21 13-01-36-472


Before deformation
bandicam 2016-04-21 13-02-28-122


The empty tone spreads the space of the whole sky by expressing the sphere of the earth with a curved surface and it is effective as the low-angle shot directing looking up to the sky.

If you mesh deformation you can try various variations for other materials.
Please use it by all means.



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