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Material That Capable Monochrome As Well As Color. Convert Sky Tones Material To Color


Although tone materials of the MANGA MATERIALS is specification on the gray layer,
but they are also able to convert and use as color layer.

On this page, we will tell you how to convert using ” Dark Sky 2 Type Tones”.


For basic usage of tone material, please refer to the following link.
●The Basic of Tones Materials




How to convert to a color




Open the Clip Studio file of the tone material, then select the layer to convert to color.





Press the tone button of the layer property and convert the tone material to gray layer.
※ Please do this work before combine the layer.





Combine the tone material layer that converted to gray with the paper layer.





Right-click the paper layer and select “Convert Layer”.





Select color layer and press “OK”.





Select “Color Balance” from “Tonal Correction” on the Edit tab,
then adjust to the color of personal preference.





You can also create a new overlay mode layer on the tone material layer and paint it with your favorite color.


bandicam 2016-04-10 19-23-36-092




Color conversion of gray tone material is completed.

bandicam 2016-04-10 19-23-36-093




In addition, if you overlay the color of the sky as a whole,
paint the shadow of the clouds in the burn-in color mode,
you will get a more three-dimensional feeling.




Process example

bandicam 2016-04-10 19-23-36-095


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