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The Atmosphere Is Perfect At 1 Stroke! Draw Sky With Mackerel Cloud Brush

Sky is a very frequent scene in manga and the cloud expression will affect the sky layout.
In analog there are 2 ways to express a sky, one is pasting the same pattern of sky tone
and another is drawing by hand which is hard work.

But in digital, it’s a easy work with brushes.

This page shows how to draw a sky with mackerel cloud brush.


Learn basics of brush materials here



Mackerel Cloud Sky・Making




Here we will explain and follow the video procedure again in text.
Mackerel cloud brush is a brush that can freely make your desired shape of the cloud
like the following strokes.



To draw sky, it will be more realistic when you refer to a picture.
Make strokes with mackerel cloud brush.






Add small clouds that far away while reducing the brush size or adjusting the pen pressure.





Check the pen pressure of brush density, add translucent clouds with cirrus cloud brush.






Same here, scrape with transparent color to blend clouds with sky.





Make a “Color dodge layer” under the cloud and add light that receive the sun.






Add more clouds farther away with a cirrus brush.





Again, scrape with transparent color to blend clouds with sky.


If you use a cloud brush like this, you can draw complicated clouds quickly.

This brush is a particle shape brush which corresponding to monochrome.
It is perfect for who think or feel that the color cloud brush and sky photograph tone

it doesn’t match monochrome analog sense.



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