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Fastest Way To Complete Simple Work! How to Draw Grassland Using A Short Grass Brush


It is hard work to draw glassland if you draw grass one by one.
Short grass brush eliminate such troubles and can draw grass easily with just strokes and stamps.

This page introduces how to draw the scenery of the grassland using the Short Grass Brush material.


Learn how to correct line width of brush material here

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Short grass brush · How to draw grassland landscape



First, Draw a draft as a base.
When referring to the grassland pictures, the idea of image will be concrete.





Short grass brush are set to the size will change by pen pressure with default setting.

While adjusting the pen pressure from the back to the front,
stroke the grass to trace the path.





Next Add grass on the left side with stamps and strokes.





You can see the white background of the grass by making the background transparent.





Make a new layer under the grass and add a little of black with a scraping brush etc.
If you add contrast, the solids of the grass will emerge.





After finishing drawing the front grass, next add grass lightly to the back.
See the balance of the whole drawing conscious of the darker (details) in front and thin (simple) in the distant.
※ Using simple grass brush





Add trees to the grassland. ※Dead tree brush (black with white) used





Add trees and bushes also to the back of the grassland, and scrape it moderately.
※ Sketching style forest brush, Sketching style hatching brush used





Add trees to the back, add ground of the front path, and the drawing is completed.
※ Dead tree brush (black with white), ground (cracked) brush, ground (mud) brush used.





Entering the finishing tone work.

Gradation tone is thinly applied to the front and top, and it is scraped roughly with a scraping brush.
The light shade tone is not conspicuous for rough processing, so finishing can be done quickly.






Apply white tone on the trees in the back and directs the perspective in front and back.





Paste a sky tone on the final finish.
Leave the sky tone on the grassland part as an accent.
※use cumulonimbus cloud tone 03





Adjusting the brightness of the tone, the scenery of the grassland has been completed.




Please try short grass brush material.


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