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All You Need Are Materials! Draws Roots Crawling On The Ground With Trunk, Branch, Root Brush Material

The roots and branches of tree that stretch out from side to side are objects thats are very troublesome.

It will take considerable skill and time to draw both the texture of the tree and the complex flow simultaneously.

In this case, a “trunk, branch, root brush” can do such a complicated drawing only with a simple stroke.
This is a brush that you can focus on the flow and draw branches and roots that are complicatedly intertwined
without thinking about the texture.

This page introduces the making of “Roots crawling on the ground”
with a “trunk, branch, root brush” in black vertical line.


Learn how to correct line width of brush  material here

Learn basics of brush materials here




Making of roots crawling on the ground drawing



There are four types (+a) of branch root brushes, and these can be use for combinations.





To draw a natural scenery, it will look more realistic when you refer to a picture.





While exchanging the brush between “small” and “smallest” size,
stroke the brush along the draft.





Make a new layer on top and draw the large roots on the front.
It is okay even if you redraw it until you get the desired pattern.






Make a new layer on top and stroke the front trunk with the trunk brush.
Dividing it into multiple layers (as long as you can understand) will make editing later.





Now I hide the “Ground” layer (transparent part is displayed).
Each brush have a white background and it make drawing more efficiently.





Now make a new layer below and draw some fallen leaves.
※using “fallen leaves (simple, decayed) brushes.

Because fallen leaves are drawn under the roots and the white background of the trunk,
so it doesn’t need to cut out according to the shape of the stem.





Make another new layer under the fallen leaves and put a shadow of the root.
The shadow doesn’t need to fit perfectly under the root,
it will create a raised three-dimentional feeling.
Used sketching style hatching brush





Make a new layer on the roots and combine some fallen leaves and grass to the end of the roots and trunks.
Using falling leaves brush (decayed) and black grass brush.





You can draw some white grass as well.
Using white grass brush.





The scenery of the roots crawling on the ground is completed.





This is the final layer composition.
Separated the layers for each step to make easier to modify this time.
It is up to you how many layers you need (as far as you can figure out).

You can merge the layers after modify.



If you use “Trunk, Branch, Root brush materials”,
the creation time of a troublesome tree can be overwhelmingly shorten.
And the biggest feature of this brush is possible to design any wooden shape freely.

Please give it a try and this brush is perfect for those person
who place importance on diversity.


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