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It’s Not Easy Even Using Shortcut. Draw A Tree Using “Trunk, branch, root, brush” Materials


At first sight, a tree look like a simple stick,
but the texture of a tree requires many shading work.

Furthermore, branches and tree roots that extend complicatedly are added, the effort is several ten times as much.
Continuation of shading detailed drawing, which the works seems to be forever.

“Trunk branch root brush” can do such a tree drawing with only a simple stroke.
This page introduces how to draw the actual tree using “Trunk, branch, root, brush (horizontal line_black)”.


Learn how to correct line width of brush material here

Learn basics of brush materials here




Making of trunks, branches and roots drawing with brush material



First of all we will review the contents of the “Trunk, branch, root, brush”.
There are four kinds of brushes, and draw these combinations.





You can also add and change the tree trunk pattern with a base brush.



※Click here for details on how to use “Trunk, branch, root, brush” and tricks




So now start actually draw the tree.

First, stroke a single trunk with a trunk brush.





Make a new layer above and below the trunk,
add branches and roots with large, small, smallest brushes.




Add more branches and trunk using large and small brush.
All these can be done with one stroke.
The seam portion are scraped and adjusted.





Add a further branch with small and smallest brush.
Adding solid color
(beta) between branches and roots (red circle) will give you a solid sense of stability.





Create a new layer behind the branch and draw some thin branches.
※Using “Branch brush (black)” here.





Make a new layer at the bottom and draw grasslands and fallen leaves.
※Simple grass brush, fallen leaves brush (simple) used





Add rocks to show more natural.
※Small rock brush (black) used





Make a new layer at the top and add leaves and weeds to overlay trees and rocks.
※Fallen leaves brushes (decayed) (dancing), weed brush used





Those worrying part will be adjusted with the addition of base brush and white.





The trunk root brush can also be used as a ivy.
When ivy is added, the atmosphere of the jungle and the southern country is
much increased.





It is completed after add the falling leaves as an accent.
※Using fallen leaves brush (dancing)





This is the final layer composition.
If you divide the layer into multiple layers (as long as you can figure out)
It is easier to make corrections and fine adjustments.

It is okay to merge the layers after editing finished.


Using trunk root brush material can overwhelmingly shorten the troublesome tree creation time, as well as design a free tree model that is not a regular pattern.

Make your own tree, and register them as a material, work will increase efficiency.


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