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Points Of Perspective. Trunk, Branch, Root Brush Materials・Sunlight Penetrate into Forest

Forest, a place where flood by shrubs and trees.
The scenery can be enjoyed if it is one frame,
but go through a tedious process when continuing with several frames and several pages,
it turn into a work that make you want to cry.

But, if you use a digital brush material,
the headache work will be finish in a pleasant mood from start until the end.

This page introduces how to draw sunlight penetrate down into forest
by using “trunk, branch, root brush・cedar”.


Learn how to correct line width of brush material here

Learn basics of brush materials here




Sunlight penetrate into forest・Making


To draw a natural scenery, it will be more realistic when you refer to a picture.
Look for a picture that fits the image and roughly draw with reference to it.





There are four (+a) kinds of “trunk, branch, root” brush,
and draw by using these combination.



Now I start to draw trees.



First draw trunks at front by using the trunk brush.





Make a new layer below and draw bush.
Bushy leaves (black) brush and Black grass brush are used.





Now hide the “Ground” layer (transparent part is displayed).
There is a white background for this brush.
Use this white background to increase working efficiency.





Make a new layer under the trunk and bush,
and draw tree in the back with “trunk, branch, root” brush in “small” and “smallest” size.

Since the trees in the back are hidden under the white background of trunks and bushes,
you can save more time and effort.





Create a new layer below in the same way and draw bushed at the back.
Dividing it into multiple layers (as long as you can understand) will make editing later.
※Bushy leaves (black) brush and Sketching style hatching brush are used.





When you finish painting trees, put a gradation tone at the bottom.





Draw deep trees and leaves with transparent color from the top of gradation tone.
Using Black leaves (Big/Wide)




Paste the second sheet of gradation tone from the top of first one.





Make a new layer on the top of second gradation tone and draw trees and leaves in white.
Dual depths show up with 2 sheets of gradation tone.
Using Black leaves (Big/Wide)





Paste another gradation tone at the bottom of this side on top layer.





Put a little of hatching accent in front of the bush.
Add white borders to both sides of the trees in front,
emphasize the shape and give perspective.





In order to express the sunlight, take a selection range of shining light.




Paste a white tone in the selection area and made a thin shiny light.


To emphasize the light to be further inserted from above, blur the top of the back trees with white.





It is completed with white light lines and light balls.





Here is the final layer composition.
If you divide the layer into multiple layers (as far as you can figure out) it will be easier to edit later.

You can merge the layers after editing.



In this way, if you use brush material, you can easily paint forest with many trees.
Please give it a try.


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