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The Gloom Of Drawing Just Cleared Up Beautifully! How To Draw White Birch Tree Avenue With Trunk, Branch, Root Brush Material

The tree avenue where the trees are arranged in order is a very picturesque landscape,
and the effort to draw a large amount of tree is hard.

For analog, this is a hard work that can’t escape.
But with digital brush materials, it can turn into a easy task even a complicated landscape

On this page, we used a “trunk, branch, root” brush・white birch,
and show you how to draw a white birch tree avenue.


Learn how to correct line width of brush material here

Learn basics of brush materials here




Making of white birch tree drawing



To draw a natural scenery, it will be more realistic when you refer to a picture.
Find your favorite photo first and draw a draft with reference to it.





There are 4 types of trunk root brush in white birch style,
and draw with these combination.





Stroke the trunk along the draft while swapping brush of each size.
Draw smaller sizes as they go farther and larger sizes as they come towards you.





Scrape off the base of the wood with a transparent color.





Now I hide the “Ground” layer (transparent part is displayed).
The brush material contains a white background like this.

During drawing, use this and proceed with making layers on top and under the trunks.
Dividing it into multiple layers (as long as you can understand) will make editing later.





Make a new layer on the trunk and put the grass at the bottom of the trees.
※Using Simple grass brush





Make a new layer under the trunk and draw the grassland behind the trees and the trunks.
※Using Simple grass brush and Ground (leveling) brush





Then draw tree leaves on same or new layer.
※Using black leaves brush (Big/Wide)





In order to relieve the density of black leaves, add hatching with white color.
※Using Sketching style hatching brush.





Draw fine branches on the leaves.
I draw white branch to adjust the color of the trunk.
※Using Branch brush (black) in reverse color.





Make a new layer at the bottom and draw the trees at the back.
※Using Sketching style forest brush.





Follow basics of perspective (darker at the front ,thinner at the back),
I blur the innermost tree with hatching.
※Sketching style hatching brush used





Add black leaves and branches toward you
by follow basics of perspective (darker at the front ,thinner at the back),
※Black leaves brush (Big/wide) and Branch brush (black) drawn in reverse color.




To emphasize the forest trees, put white borders on both sides of the trunk.
Considering the light source from the right side, strengthen the white on the right side.

Fix parts where trunk patterns resemble with white color.




Follow basics of perspective (darker at the front ,thinner at the back),
then adjust the inner part of the alley.





Complete it by putting a glow of light in white color.





This is the final layer composition.
If you divide the layer into multiple layers (as far as you can figure out)
it will be easier to edit later.


You can merge the layers after editing.




The quality level will increase when you care the perspective.
Please try to be conscious to the balance of the whole picture.



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