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Just Stamp And Connect. Draw Rock Scenery of The Mountains with Large Rock (White) Brush Material


There are various ways to draw rock scenery, but it is complex and troublesome as always.

A lot of artists get headache when drawing rocks
that just look like never end especially if it is before the deadline.

Large Rock brush is a brush material that can draw rocks
like landscape of mountains and coastlines easily with only strokes and stamps.


This page will introduce how to draw rock scenery of mountain surface using large rock brush material (white).


Learn how to correct line width of brush material here

Learn basics of brush materials here




Large rock brush material (white) · How to draw rocks of the mountain’s surface



First, draw a draft.
The image becomes concrete when referring to the picture of the mountain.





Large rock brush is initially set to change size with pen pressure.

Draw with zigzag stroke from the back to the front by follow the direction of the red arrow and the pen pressure.
It is okay to stroke many times until your preference pattern appears.





Make a new layer on top, draw with a large size rock in zigzag stroke and put it in front.


If the size is insufficient, please scale it up by deformation.
※Large rock brush material is drawn finely in detail, so it withstands some expansion.

Also stamp the scattered rocks (top left of the image).





Create a new layer on top again, stamp with big size (or enlarged).
Place the rock in front.





Since each rock is conspicuous, need to modify the outline.





Make a new layer on top and paint out the outlines with white.
※If you use a transparent color, it will scrape down the white background as well.

The rock was assimilated moderately and it became a big lump.





Create a new layer on top and fill the surroundings with grass.
※Weed brush and white grass brush used.






Also add grass with adjusting pen pressure to remain the conscious of the perspective .
※ Using short grass brush





If you make the background transparent, it will be like this.





Make a new layer under the grass and add a little of black to the gap.
By doing this, contrast is attached to the grass part, and the solid floats up.





The remainder (in the blue circle) is a bit lonely, so add grass here as well.





The whole drawing is completed.





Put a light shade gradient tone on the ground and the rock part.
There are white backgrounds in rocks and grasses,
so the ground tone can be easily put on the bottom without cut.





Paste a sky tone on the final finish.
The sky tone also can be easily put on the bottom without cut it.
* Using cumulonimbus cloud tone 04





Adjusting the brightness of the tone, the rocky area of the mountain is completed.




As you can see, the scenery of the rock which seems to be complicated
can be finished surprisingly quickly and easily by using the brush materials.

Please give it a try.


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