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Dramatic Change With Little Effort! How To Draw Large Rock And Outdoor Hot Spring With Small Rock Brush


Small rock brush is literally a material for drawing small rocks,
but it can draw small pebbles by changing the setting.
It can be also turned into big rock.

This page introduces how to draw big rock and outdoor bath.


Learn how to correct line width of brush material here

Learn basics of brush materials here




Draw Big Rock with Small Rock Brush



Small rock brush is initially set to change its size with pen pressure.

First of all, stamp small rock one by one with conscious of pen pressure, so as to make a heap of rocks.




In this state each solid is too conspicuous,
Erase the outlines of each rock and shadows that are too dense.





Paint the corresponding part in white.
If you are not used to paint directly inside, make new layers on top for easy to modify.





To complete the rock, stamp some new rocks and draw the landscape with surrounding objects.
If the surroundings are not grass but small people, it will become a huge rock mountain.





Next draw an outdoor bath with small rock brush (black).

Add white in the same way as before to blend each individual rock.





Create a new layer below and add rocks to the back.




Place a rock at the front and add a gradation as water surface.




Add white line to the water surface and rocky border.




The hot spring was completed with the addition of steam.




An example of copying a rock (under the water) and applying a white gradation




Small rock brush can be used for various natural landscapes according to usage.
Please refer to it.


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