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Easily Draw An Outdoor Hot Spring With Water Surface Brush


One of the very difficult expressions to express is natural effects such as water surface.

Water can be easy to express if you use a water surface brush + tone set.
It is a perfect material for water surface such as
water with high transparency, shallow water, swimming pool and hot spring.

This page show the making of outdoor hot spring using water surface brush.


Learn basics of brush materials here




Water Surface Brush・The Making of Outdoor Hot Spring.



Although the main point are introduced in the video,
details will explain in text below.


First, prepare a gradation that will become a base.
Then create a new layer and draw rocks of outdoor hot spring.
Here, use the “large rock (white)” brush.





The surrounding rock is completed.





Then, draw the surface of the water.
The “water surface brush” can draw water surface with perspective when
changing the thickness gradually.





Let’s do it.
First of all, create a new layer and stroke the “water surface_oblong (scraped)” brush.





Next, stroke the brush which the thickness is about half.
Change the size of water surface brush with pen pressure to show the perspective.





The state of water surface is completed.





Take the selection area by holding the Ctrl key + click the water surface’s layer.





Create and apply a new gradation layer to the selected area.





Now shadow of the water surface is completed.
Although it is omitted here, but making the rock’s shadow will show more 3D feeling.





Adjust the shadow density according to the preference.





Draw steam for the hot spring.





Complete it by changing the amount of steam according to the scene.




Water surface material is a mixture of brushes and tone.
It can be used freely, like tone material suitable for a wide range and
brush material is good for arranging.

Please give it a try.


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