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Use It For FREE! Draw The Sea’s Surface With Sea/River Surface Brush



The effect of the water surface is difficult to express and it have a lot of troubles to draw.


Today this “Sea/River Surface Brush” can solve such troubles easily and it is free of charge!
This brush material is perfect for surface of deep water and muddy water.


Here, this page will show you how to draw the sea’ surface with Free・Sea/River Surface Brush.


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Free-Sea/River Surface Brush

How to draw the sea’ surface




Although all points are explained in the video,
but we will explain with more details in the English text below.


First, create a gradient to use as a foundation of the sea.
It also provide a layer to show black and highlight on it.




Draw the sea surface with black color by using stamp and stroke motion.




To show a perspective effect, weaker the pen pressure as you drawing farther.




Next, change the drawing color to transparent then scrape the black color and blur the distance.
Now it is an image that have natural gradient. 




Then change the drawing color to white and stroke the highlight part.




To arrange the shape, scrape it with transparent color.





This time, scrape the gradient part with transparent color.



Also scrape the front side with transparent color and put highlights under the black.





To complete the drawing, finely adjust each layer until you satisfy.

※Materials that used
Free-Sea/River Surface Brush and Water Sparkle Brush(sell in Water Surface Brushes).




You can make a river stream by using a combination with other materials.


※Materials that used are
Free-Sea/River Surface Brush
Water Surface_Wave・Water Flow (Water Surface Brushes)
Stormy Waves_Big & Waves Splash Ribbon_Small (Stormy Waves 6 Type Brushes)


Free materials is a convenient material that can be used immediately after downloading without any cost and risk. Please take the advantage and give it a try.



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