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Easy To Use! Make A Raging Waves with Stormy Waves Brushes


For people who are not used to draw water, it is a very hard work.
Drawing stormy waves is even harder.


There are many people who worried and headache about the expression of transparent water and shapes that not fixed.


“I wonder if I can draw without thinking as much as possible.”


For those people who are looking a quick solution for such problem, we recommend the “Stormy Waves Brushes”.
On this page, we will introduce the making of stormy waves by using brush materials.


Learn basics of brush materials here






Time Shortening with Stormy Waves Brushes

How to draw raging waves



First, we make the water base with a gradient layer.





Make a wave at the front by using “Stormy Waves_Big brush” with stamp and stroke motion.
You can redo it as many times as you like until you get your desired pattern.





Create a layer for deeper perspective and draw the deeper part with “Stormy Waves_Small” brush.



Change the color to white and paint on top.



Make the color to transparent, then scrape and trim the shape.





While looking at the whole balance, also add some waves at the front side.
Create a layer underneath the waves at the front side and stamp some waves with “Stormy Waves_Small” brush in black.




Change the drawing color to white and black and stamp further.
Even it seems like intense and hard to draw, but it doesn’t take long time because it’s just stamps.

Let’s stamp until you get satisfaction.




Once you got the whole thing, finish up by adding splash.
Please increase the splash with water spray or splattering materials to your preference.





Without thinking almost anything, the stormy waves is completed with only materials.


Brush materials are very useful when you want to fill in the scenes, when you have no time or when you want to draw easier.

Please give it a try.



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