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No More Worries For Hard Tasks! Draw Rock Scenery of Coastline with Large Rock Brush Material (Black)


There are various ways to draw rocks, but it is always troublesome.
Especially there are a lot creators feeling headache and
when they never see the finishing of rock drawing.

Large rock brush can draw landscape of mountains and
coastlines with strokes and stamps easily without pain.

This page introduces how to draw rock scenery of coastline
using large stone brush material (black) with strong contrast.


Learn how to correct line width of brush material here

Learn basics of brush materials here




Large stone brush material (black) · How to draw the scenery of the coastline



First, draw a draft as a base.
The image becomes concrete when referring to the photograph of the rocky place.





Large stone brush is initially set to change size with pen pressure.

If you stroke in zigzag from back to front with direction of red arrow and pen pressure, rocky place is completed.
It is okay to stroke many rocks until you get your favorite pattern.





Make a new layer below and add rocks to the back of the coastline
(the center on the right side of the picture).

Because the rock part contains a white background,
when drawing the back of the screen, making a new layer underneath makes the work easier.





Add trees to decorate the landscape around the rock.
※Using Dead Tree (Black with White) Brush 





Add grass around the rocky field. ※Using Black Grass Brush




Draw the ground in front. ※Using Ground (Grass) Brush




Create a new layer at the bottom and fill in the back part.
※Using Black Leaves (Distant view) Brush





In order to give a sense of perspective on screen with a strong contrast,
it is appropriate to make the front darker and the distant lighter.

Now create a new layer,
scrape with white to make it thinner with the appropriate brush to the part surrounded by the blue circle.

※ When you scrape with transparent color,
the underlying white background will also be scraped together.

So apply new layer and using 
white color is better to make correction easier.




By making the inner part thinner, the viewpoint of the foreground will be stable on rocks and dead trees.
※Using Sketching Style Hatching Brush





Again create a layer at the bottom and fill the most inner part.

Once filling the back, the drawing work of the rocky place is completed.
※Using Simple Grass Brush





Now start the shadowing part.
When you make it transparent, you can see that each part contains neat white background.





Therefore, adding tone of the ground and the seaside
at the bottom layer is more efficient so it does not have to cut it.





Continue to paste the tone on the tree trunk and add solid (beta) and white accent to the beach.




Apply a light shade gradation tone to the top of the layer,
and scrape roughly with a scraping brush.

The light shade tone is not conspicuous for rough processing,
so finishing can be done quickly.





Last step, paste the tone in the sky with the final finish.
※Using Cumulonimbus Cloud Tone 03





Adjust the brightness of the tone and finish the rocky field of the coastline.




If draw one by one like this …
It seems to hurt a lot by just thinking of the scenery of the rock.
Right now, you can finish it surprisingly quickly and easily if you use the brush materials.

Please give it a try.


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