Large Rocks (White) 2 Type Brushes


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Large Rocks Brush (White) 2 Types


※These brushes include in the “Large Rocks (Black & White) Types Brushes Set”.
Please beware of repeat purchases.


Brush material (white) that can easily drawing rocky areas like the wilderness, mountains or coastlines.
Includes vertically and horizontally long rocks that can be used for various scenes.



Includes a white background.



Enlarged View


It can bear enlargement because it is drawing in details.
After Enlargement  Largest size Stamp 99 (mm)



A normal stroke of vertical brush (total of 17 patterns)
Can be used for places like the wilderness, or where the rocks gather.
※It will become more vertical if decrease the thickness.




A normal stroke of horizontal brush (total of 19 patterns)
Can be used for rocky areas like coastlines or mountains.
※It will become more horizontal when decrease the thickness.


If the outline will be too stand out with overlapping strokes


Paint some white and blend in with the rocks around.


Scene application example

For grassland
※Using Simple Grass Brush


For rocky area
※Using Rocky Ground Brush


For view of sea of cloud
※Using Soft Crosshatching Brush


Example Drawing of a Mountain Surface

・Large Rocks Brush (Horizontal and Vertical) ・Weeds Brush
・White Grass Brush ・Short Grass Brush ・Cumulonimbus Clouds Tone 03



Material Import and Setting Method

※Please Note※
The import method differs depends on each material.
Those who purchase for the first time and those who not confidence in digital knowledge,
please read before purchase.


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