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Complete Drawing With Stamp Only! Draw A Backlight Sunset Scene With Dead Tree Brush (Black)


Winter landscape with dead trees.
It is a hard task that seems to be thought that “day will going to end” if it is drawing branches one by one.

Dead tree brush is a brush material that makes it easy to draw such dead wood with stamps and strokes.

This page introduces how to make a quick drawing of the sunset scenery using the dead tree brush (black).


Learn how to correct line width of brush material here

Learn basics of brush materials here




Draw a backlight sunset scene with Dead Tree Brush (Black)



Draw a draft that will be a guide for brush stamp.
If you refer to photos, idea of images will be concrete.




Stamp the dead tree brush (black) based on the draft.
Please set the size and thickness as you like from the setting window of the brush.




Make a layer below and stamp trees back.
Size and thickness are OK with you preference.




Stamp more trees further behind.



Add bushes in the back and fill the back (bushy leaves (black) brush used)



Cut out unnecessary parts along the draft.
For these fine adjustments, separate layers for each perspective.




Add grassland to the ground (using simple grass brush)




Add a tone to the trees in the back,
making the boundary between the front and back clearer.






Also add the tone on the dead tree at front.

Ctrl + Left click the layer to take the tree trunk selection area.
Because dead tree brush has a border of white.
Please shrink the selected area by 0.1 mm before adding the tone,
Bcause dead tree brush has a border of white.




After finish adding the tone, make shadows of dead trees next.
Then create a new layer and fill it with black.




Transforms it to make the base of the shadow of the tree.




Hold Ctrl key and Left click the layer to take selection area, paste a gradation.




Add the sunset sky tone, and the backlight sunset scene is complete. (sunset tone 02 used)




Natural landscape of dead trees that is very time-consuming in hand-drawing.
If you use the brush material you can draw casually with stamps and strokes.
Please give it try.


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