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Surprisingly Easy! Tips For Drawing Natural Mountain Scenery With Forest Brush

Forest brush is a brush material that draws forests, but it also can be applied not only to forests but also to all natural scenery.
This page introduces how to draw mountain scenery with “Forest Brush”.


Learn how to correct line width of brush material here

Learn basics of brush materials here



Making a mountain with Forest Brush



Forest brush has a initial setting for brush size that may customize by brush pressure.
(Please set any minimum value for pen pressure setting with preference)




Therefore, it is possible to draw a forest with perspective
by only changing the pen pressure and stroke as shown below.

bandicam 2016-04-26 08-45-22-698 bandicam 2016-04-26 08-45-38-539




Draw a mountain with strokes like in the figure below,
by using the setting based on the overlapping of the underlying picture.

bandicam 2016-04-26 08-58-32-089




The base of the mountain where the tree grows is made.
bandicam 2016-04-26 08-58-39-569





Make a new layer below and shape the outline.
bandicam 2016-04-26 08-58-54-524




Then make another layer on top and add trees to the mountains.
bandicam 2016-04-26 08-59-14-400




A mountain full of trees is completed.
bandicam 2016-04-26 08-59-17-175




Make a new layer below and add mountains in the back with the same procedure.
Reduce the density as it go further.
Add trees to the open field on the front.

※Sketching Style Hatching Brush are used
bandicam 2016-04-26 09-13-06-331




Make a layer under the trees which beside the pathway and fill it in black to make the trunk stand up.
※Black Leaves Brush (Distant view), Simple Grass Brush are used

bandicam 2016-04-26 09-16-18-954

bandicam 2016-04-26 09-16-23-163




Also fill in the side road around treks by adding forest and trees.

bandicam 2016-04-26 09-18-00-292

bandicam 2016-04-26 09-18-03-762




To show a high and low level accent to the side road, add the rocks and draw grass on the ground.
※ Rock wall (white), Small rocks (black and white), Simple grass used

bandicam 2016-04-26 09-42-54-953

bandicam 2016-04-26 09-42-58-465




The landscape of the mountains was completed.
The high-density background can be completed in about 1 hour by utilizing the brush materials.




Forest brushes can be used not only for forests but also for various natural landscapes.
Please refer to it.



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