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Effect That Can’t Be Made With Solid And Tones. Make A Horror Scene With Soft Cross-Hatching Brush


Soft cross-hatching style brush is a brush that
draw shading effect which can not be done with only solid and tone.
It make gentle effect for drawing of simple style and
it make horror effect for drawing style with solid (beta).

This page shows how you can make a horror style tunnel by using “soft cross-hatching brush”.


For the basic usage of the brush material, please refer to the following link.

●Basics of brush materials




Draw a horror tunnel with Soft Cross-Hatching Brush



First draw the tunnel of the base.






Imagine the light source at the front ceiling, make a new layer and fill the whole with solid color.
To turn on the light in the red circle, leaving the fluorescent light part white.





Hide the solid (beta) layer or lower the transparency.
Next, take the selection area of the ceiling side with the auto select tool.





Create a new layer and stamp the “soft cross-hatching brush”
with white while taking the selection area.
surface of the border stand up a little.





Take the floor selection area in the same way.





The boundary between the floor and the wall became clear.

When overdoing too much, the solid will collapse on the contrary,
so apply hatching lesser and thinner.





Make a new layer and stamp the soft cross hatching brush on the whole drawing
Blacken the back side (image center) where the light source does not reach.





Next make a light source.
Assume the light going down and the light leaking upwards,
and make a selection area with lasso tool or polyline tool.





Create a new layer and stamp “soft cross-hatching brush” in white within the selection.
When you shape it by cutting with transparent color, I will also make a light source at the top.





Make a gradation tone at the top of the layer.





Sharpen the part of the light source
by scraping in transparent color to make the light stand out.





Create a new layer under the gradation tone and stamp smoke with white.





After draw human shadow in the back, it is done.




To make a dark scene, it is more efficient to “fill the whole thing with black → scrape with white (transparent color)” rather than “add solid (beta) “.

Adjust the shades naturally with black and white stamps and transparent color scraping.

Please give it a try.



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