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3DLT Is The Life Of Line Correction. The Making Of Brick Arch.


3D LT conversion is a dreamlike function that can draw a line drawing with just one click.
But 3D line drawing is same in all thickness and mechanical in nature.
It is also easy to recognize 3D line drawings at a glance.

For this reason, 3D line drawing requires editing with functions of “correct line width tool” and “line correction filter”.

This page introduces line correction of 3D line drawing based on brick arch 3D material.


Please refer to the following link for basic usage of 3D material.
●Basics of 3D materials





Tips for 3DLT line drawing correction · Brick making




It is a line drawing right after 3D LT conversion.
All lines are uniformity, it does not showed any perspective or texture.

bandicam 2016-05-25 16-47-38-954




Correct the entire lines first if the line is too thick (or too thin).

Change by click in Filter -> Correct Drawing Line -> Correct Line Width.
In Clip Studio Paint, fine numeric setting can only be done with the raster layer,
so please do LT conversion with the raster layer when modifying the whole line.





You can select the desired function from the red frame pull down.






After correcting the whole, we will make a partial correction next.
The part that are closer to you are darker (thicker) and those are farther will be thinner (finer) in the basics of perspective.




With reference to the basic of the perspective,
make selection area of the part far from you and the part that feels that the line is too thick,
then correct the line width again.




Settings that are too fine are not reflected.
Tick the box to leave a line of 1 pixel, the line width becomes the thinnest.





When the rough line correction is completed,
take selection area of the shadow portion of the arch and cut out the line drawing.

bandicam 2016-05-25 18-01-55-693




While cutting the line drawing, maintains the selection area,
Edit → Change color of the line to drawing color and change it to white.


bandicam 2016-05-25 18-04-28-965




Once you hide the white line drawing,
make a new layer below, and fill in the selected area with black.

bandicam 2016-05-25 18-04-28-968




When you display the previous line drawing, the brick line will show up in the shaded shadow area.
bandicam 2016-05-25 18-05-40-324




Use the correct line width tool to fine-adjust the line drawing.
(This tool only can use for vector layer.
Please convert the layer from raster to vector)

bandicam 2016-05-25 18-06-28-553




As in the basic of the perspective,
focused to correct on places where the distance is far and uniformity lines concentrate.

bandicam 2016-05-25 18-09-17-247




Add a shade with a tone based on the light source.
Ctrl + Left click on the layer of “ground” which is automatically created
at the time of LT conversion can be selected.

When paste a tone, it will make the work smoother.

※ The light source can be at your favorite position.

bandicam 2016-05-25 18-15-15-966




Shadows are added to the steps of the arch, the walls, and the pillars,
to complete drawing after dividing each part naturally.

※ soft cross-hatching brush use

bandicam 2016-05-25 18-25-46-343





Compare before correction and after correction.


※Line drawing before correction
bandicam 2016-05-25 18-25-46-345




※the finishing without line correction
bandicam 2016-05-25 18-25-46-347




※Line correction + finishing
bandicam 2016-05-25 18-25-46-343



From the comparison above you can see the importance of line correction.

Line correction is a task you can easily do with Clip Studio Paint function.
Please try according to your favorite style.



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