3D Open Corridor 02


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3D Japanese Style Open Corridor with round window


This is a Mansion style open corridor with round window.

It is a heavy lwo file about 10MB.

The angle adjustment operation is somewhat heavy, it takes time to load for the first time.
Please take note when purchasing and we do not recommend using it with a low specification PC.




①Japanese Open Corridor 02 (Movable Door)


Lattice doors are movable in this version.
This material are composed of total 7 parts.




2 of Center Lattice Doors can be moved.




Example of lattice doors are hidden and LT conversion from the back side.





Enlarged view for example of LT conversion of layer.




Enlarged view 2 for example of LT conversion of layer.






②Japanese Open Corridor 02


This version have no movable part.

Front angle 




Bird’s eye view 





Free angle can be set.





Material Import and Setting Method

※Please Note※
The import method differs depends on each material.
Those who purchase for the first time and those who not confidence in digital knowledge, 
please read before purchase.


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