3D Japanese Style Ceiling 7 Types


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3D Flexible Ceiling Materials



7 types of 3D Japanese style ceiling materials.
It is divided into minimum number to makes it easy for parts customization.



It is composition of 4 parts.
Layout can be change by sliding the wall in 4 directions.



Please adjust the numerical value,
Wall 1 and 2 are Z (front and back), then
Wall 3 and 4 are X (left and right)




The initial state corresponds to about 6 Tatami mats plan.





This is a floor plan of around 30 Tatami mats with sliding wall or non-display.




Times and efforts for drawing the end parts can be saved by using the walls.





・Ceiling 01_Normal Ceiling


Accuracy of detection is 90.



※Finishing Example






・Ceiling 02_Square Grid




※Finishing Example




・Ceiling 03_Tray Ceiling with Square Grid




※Finishing Example






・Ceiling 04_Cutted Corner





※Finishing Example







・Ceiling 05_Double Square Grid




※Finishing Example






・Ceiling 06_Double Square Grid/Curved wall




※Finishing Example



※Please correct the corner part.






・Ceiling 07_Beam




※Finishing Example




A Japanese room with perspective can be made freely with combination of ceiling and material that sold separately like sliding door and Tatami.




※Drawing Example
・3D Transom (Ranma)_Small Window     ・3D Sliding Door_Yukimi Shōji

・3D Ceiling_Square Grid     ・Tatami_10 mats, side brush and Tatami lines image



Material Import and Setting Method

※Please Note※
The import method differs depends on each material.
Those who purchase for the first time and those who not confidence in digital knowledge,
please read before purchase.


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