3D Japanese Style Indoor Accessories Set 01


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Japanese style small item that packed in one set and fit well in Japanese Style room.

Please be aware of repeated purchases because these materials are sold separately.




①Oblong Wooden Brazier with Movable Drawers


Accessories and drawers are fully movable.





① Simple Oblong Wooden Brazier 


Simple design and easy to handle, drawers are not movable.





② Partition 01 – Grid and Rivet






③ Partition 02 – Lattice and Shōji






④ Cushion





⑤ Lamp 01


Candle is displayable. 





⑥ Lamp 02








⑦ Picture frame large and small 2 types


Put desired letter or picture in the frame.






⑧ Teapot with tea cup set




Angle example



Finishing example

Linear Shading brush
Tatami mat pattern(which in tatami material)





⑨ Shinto Altar (Kamidana)


3D Shinto Altar material. For Japanese style room.


It is divided into 3 parts for customization.
※90 for accuracy of detection




Angle example.




Example of stage and decoration are hidden.





Finishing Example

Sketching style hatching brush
Linear Shading Brush






⑩ Japanese Style Cabinet


※This material is selling as single product as well.
Please beware of repeat purchases.


3D Cabinet material that suitable to use for modern Japanese style room. It is a 3 in 1 set.





All drawers and doors are movable, and there are cups (accessories) in the cabinet.





Closed type which no drawer operates at all and is a simple to handle version.




Angle example 











Angle example 















Drawing Example

※Using Linear Shading Brush





⑪ 3D Japanese Style Writing Desk


A set of stationery suitable for writing
to accent a Japanese style room. 


①Writing desk (movable drawers)

All drawers are movable.
Please hide unnecessary parts.



②Writing desk (simple)

Drawers are not movable.
It is a simple composition that is easy to handle when not using drawers.




③Book Stand

The book is displayable.





④Ink Box Set

Each piece can be operated or not displayed.



Finishing Example

Linear Shading Brush
Wood Pattern Brush
Tatami mat pattern (included in 3D Tatami Mat material)






⑫ 3D Japanese Style Book


Set of 6 types of 3D book.
They can freely customize by duplicate each book.


①Book 1 (Closed)



②Book (Opened)



③Book (Covered)



④Book (Neatly Piled)




⑤Book (Randomly Piled)





⑥Book (Scattered)

  ※ It is divided into three parts





Finishing Example

Sketching Style Hatching Brush
Tatami mat pattern (inside of 3D Tatami Mat material)




Example of using together with
3D Sliding Door, Tatami Mat, Ranma, and Ceiling that sold separately.


Material Import and Setting Method

※Please Note※
The import method differs depends on each material.
Those who purchase for the first time and those who not confidence in digital knowledge,
please read before purchase.


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