Long Hair 10 Type Brushes


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10 types of brushes specialized for long hair.


These brushes can easily to draw long hair animals, beard, accent of illustration etc.
Beside monochrome, it also can be used on color.

※ It is not suitable for ultra long.

※These brushes have same brush in the “Hair 3 Types Brushes Set”.
Please beware of repeat purchases.




 ①Long Hair (Basic)

Follow the red arrow and draw hair easily.



②Long Hair (Thick)

This brush is thicker than basic and suitable for light density hair.


③Long Hair (Coarse & Thick)

It is suitable for G pen effect and body hair.



④Long Hair (Black)

For black hair and high density areas.




By using each brush together, gradation can be easily create.




When black and white color are drawing properly,
it can be used in thick coating effect and also suitable for color painting.




⑤Long Hair (Edge & White Border)
⑥Long Hair (Edge & White Border) Reverse

A brush for hair edge and outline drawing.
It contains a white background.






Long Hair (Edge & Without White)
Long Hair (Edge & Without White) Reverse

For fine adjustment without white background, it can be overcoating


Long Hair (Edge & Black)
Long Hair (Edge & Black) Reverse

 For black hair outline use





Way to use Edge Brush ①
First make the outlines and fill in white.
White background can be easily filled using this brush.
Then accented with Long Hair (Edge & Without White) Brush.





Way to use Edge Brush ②

Red = ⑤Long Hair (Edge)      Blue = ⑥Long Hair (Edge) Reverse
If draw circle with only one brush, the hair flow will stand up reversed.





Use two brushes for each half to create a normal and balance gravity.




Drawing style changes according to the direction of brush.







Direction adjustment is essential to master these brushes.
Remember the direction number for different hair drawing effects.
※Edge Brush is not affected by direction.



By using the “Flip Horizontal” function,
pair drawing can be done without changing the direction number.
Please try it to increase efficiency.

Example of Flip Horizontal





Usage Example ①




Usage Example ②
For illustrate accent and other.





Drawing Example ①
⑨Long Hair (Edge & Black)
⑩Long Hair (Edge & Black) Reverse
④Long Hair (Black)長毛(黒) 
   Short Hair (Black)




Drawing Example ②
Using all types of Long Hair Brushes.



Material Import and Setting Method

※Please Note※
The import method differs depends on each material.
Those who purchase for the first time and those who not confidence in digital knowledge,
please read before purchase.


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