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Overwhelming Burden Reduction! Draw Curly Hair Dog (Poodle) With Hair Brush

Sketching hair one by one is a very persistent work.

Unlike short hair and long hair which grow in one direction,
irregular hairs show individuality and have high difficulty.
This type of hair will give us biggest headache on thinking how to express it.


Curly hair brush is created to convenient for such curly hair.
It is a brush material that can easily draw high-density hairs with stroke alone.

This page introduces how to draw a curly-hair dog using
“long hair brush”, “short hair brush” and “curly hair brush”.


Learn how to correct line width of brush material here

Learn basics of brush materials here




Making of Poodle dog’s drawing with Curly Hair Brushes


Curly hair brush of hair brush is composed of the following types.
You can swap brushes with different concentration,
density and length
for fine density adjustment and gradation.




Also use these 6 kinds of short hair brushes.


And 10 types of long hair brushes.





Adjust the angle according to the flow of hair.

※Adjusting the direction is essential to master this brush.
  Remember the direction number to easily use the brush.
⑥Hair (edge_white border) brush is not affected by direction





First draw a dog roughly.
It will make a drawing better when referring to photos and real-life thing (dog),
rather than painting without any referring.





Use “curly hair (tip_ribbon) and short curly hair (tip_ribbon)” brushes to trace the outline of the draft.
For the jaw part, use a hair (edge_white border) brush from one of short hair/fur brushes.

Since each brush contains a white background, a white outlines will be create.





If you fill in outline with white, you can easily make a white background that take time.





After finishing preparations, Start drawing the details.
First of all, draw the eyes and nose which is the main part of the picture.




Create a new layer,
stroke the shadow of both ears using “curly hair(basic) and curly hair(coarse)” brushes.





Choose a suitable brush according to the flow of hair and hair length from references.
The part of mustache is using “long hair(tip) and short hair(basic)” brushes,
and for the mouth part with “short hair(black) tip_short” brush.

Use brush materials for all examples here but, you can just sketch on easy part.





Make a new layer and use “short curly hair(basic)” brush to add the forehead.
Use “short hair(black)” brush to reinforce the cheek to be the shadow of both ears.

By separating the layers for each part (as long as the layers number can be understood),
it is convenient for editing later.





Fill hair in around the eyes and the center part of the face.
Be aware of the hair flow and change the direction of the brush using”short hair(basic) brush.

Shade the jaw part with “short hair (coarse)” brush.



Shade under the jaw (around the neck) with “short curly hair(basic)” .





Create a new layer,
scrapes unnecessary parts with white color (forehead) and add white line as an accent.






The black around the face is too dark.
Change the color to white and draw around the face additionally to relax the gradation.

Add eyebrows with “short curly(tip_ribbon)” brush, then completed.





Here is the final composition.
Separated the layers for each step this time but it is up to you.




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