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Say Goodbye To Wrist Pain! Draw A Long Hair Dog (Papillon) With Hair Brushes

Long Hair pulling long lines regularly is a very tiring drawing.
Compared to short hair, the long hair has a longer stroke, and the difficulty level increases significantly.

But still long hair that creates an elegant atmosphere
it is indispensable for the variegated expression of hair.

We would like to recommend long hair brush.
This brush can easily and delicately draw such long hair dressing.
This page show how to draw a long-hair dog like Papillon with a long hair brush.


Learn how to correct line width of brush material here

Learn basics of brush materials here




Making of Papillon’s Drawing With Hair Brushes



Long Fur brushes are the following 10 types of brushes that are showing below.
You can swap brushes with different concentration,
density and length
for fine density adjustment and gradation.




Also use 6 types of short fur brushes.




Adjust the angle according to the flow of hair.

※Adjusting the direction is essential to master this brush.
  Remember the direction number to easily use the brush.
⑥Fur (edge_white border) brush is not affected by direction




So first draw a draft of a white wolf.
It will make a drawing better when referring to photos and real-life thing (dog),
rather than painting without any referring.





Use long hair/fur (tip_with white) brush and trace the outline of the draft.





The brush contains a white background.
Take inside selection area.





Complete the background by fill in white color.





Make a new layer and draw eyes and nose as the center of the drawing.





Create a new layer,
use short hair/fur (black) brush and short (edge_black) brush to draw around the eyes.
By separating the layers for each part (as long as the layers number can be understood),
it is convenient for editing later.

Since the hair around the eyes grow like circular around the eyes,
change the direction of the brush direction number to 0  then draw a stroke.





Then use long hair (black) brush and stroke the ear part.





The other side will also use the same brush and draw with the same ways.





Create a new layer,
use long hair (basic) brush, long hair (coarse) and long hair (coarse/thick) brush,
then stroke the hair and gradually add shadows on the body.







Next arrange the hair of both ears like papillon.
Erase the upper hair on both ears with an eraser.





Draw the hair of both ears with which is the characteristic of Papillon with sketching.





Since there is no stereoscopic feeling on the face part, also arrange a little bit.






Changing the drawing color of “long hair (black) brush” to white and add it to the parts of both ears.





Return to the “long hair (black) brush” and stroke again from above the white hair.
Now both of the ears have a gloss effect.





Now make it with a little more like cartoon.
Tracing the outline with “long hair (basic) brush”,
and also draw some lines around the legs and reinforce the outline.





Just conscious of the direction of light and focus on the shadow part for reinforcement of outline.





Here is the final composition.
Separated the layers for each step this time but it is up to you.




In this way, the long hair brush materials assists the drawing of long stroke hair,
so the burden of time and energy is greatly suppressed.

Please give it a try.


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