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This Drawing is Too Details! Draw A White Wolf With Short Hair Brush

Hair sketching that need to keep drawing fine and detail lines,is a hard but fun work.
But without time, it became a big wall,also if there is tons of quantity, it will be trial of hell.

“I want to finish it quickly and comfortably, but still I do not want to drop the quality”

The hair brush set is the best material for this kind of situation.
Lines that supposed to draw one by one but with the brushes you can draw a lots of hair by one stroke precisely.

This page introduces how to draw a white wolf by using short hair brush.


Learn how to correct line width of brush material here

Learn basics of brush materials here




The making of drawing white wolf with short hair brush


Hair brushes and short hair brushes are the following 6 types.
You can swap brushes with different concentration,
density and length
for fine density adjustment and gradation.


Adjust the angle according to the flow of hair.

※Adjusting the direction is essential to master this brush.
  Remember the direction number to easily use the brush.
⑥Fur (edge_white border) brush is not affected by direction




So first draw a draft of a white wolf.
It will make a drawing better when referring to photos and real-life thing (dog),
rather than painting without any referring.






Sketch the eyes and nose that will become leading point
of the picture based on the draft.





Create a new layer, trace the outline to the draft using the “fur(edge)” brush.
By separating the layers for each part will be convenient for later editing.

It is completed with one stroke all at once.





The edge brush also contains a white background that matches the flow of hair.





Let’s make white background using this white border.
Take a selection area inside.





Paint with white and easily create a white background.




Once create a white background, start drawing fur.

Create a layer,
use “Fur(black) edge_short” brush and stroke the line of the mouth and emphasizes it.




Next, using “Fur (basic) or (coarse)” and “Fur (black) edge_short” brushes,
draw shade of the darkest part. (Ear and neck, under mouth)

By swap the multiple brushes, you can fine-tune the density.




Create a new layer, use a “Fur (basic) or (coarse)” brush and put a light shade.





Paint the light of the ear’s fur and the eyes with white and work is completed.





This is the final layer composition.
Here seperate the layers for each step,
as long as the number of layers that can be understood by yourself is okay.



In this way, if you use a hair/fur brush, you can draw easily in a short time.
Please give it a try.


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