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Excellent Versatility! Tips For Drawing Tree Trunk With Sketching Style Hatching Brush


The some brush material from Manga Materials can makes many uses on one material.

This page tell you the trick how to draw a tree trunk
by using “Sketching style hatching brush”.


Learn how to correct line width of brush material here

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How to draw a tree trunk with hatching brush


First draw out the base outlines of the tree trunk.

bandicam 2016-04-22 17-02-06-760




Since the tree trunk has a cylindrical shape, I will stroke the brush by imagining a gradation.
bandicam 2016-04-22 17-03-06-960




Use the curve line brush instead of a straight line for trunk.

Made a selection area with the “auto selection tool” and made a gradation with a stroke.
However, in a horizontally lined line, the stereoscopic feeling of the tree trunk does not come out.

bandicam 2016-04-22 17-03-41-809




To express the roundness of the cylinder, it is effective to change the direction of the brush every vertical line.
The texture of the column shape increased more than before.

bandicam 2016-04-22 17-05-04-792bandicam 2016-04-22 17-06-25-972




There is also a trunk whose surface is as smooth as shown in the above figure,
Here, to make trunk texture more realistic
draw the image with unevenness as shown in the figure below.

bandicam 2016-04-22 17-13-21-863




The texture of the trunk has increased all the way past.

bandicam 2016-04-22 17-17-46-414




If you add more white and solid, and increase the gradation density, it becomes a more real trunk.

bandicam 2016-04-22 17-21-08-305




Sketching style hatching brush is a highly versatile material because it can draw hatching in short time with strokes only.

Please refer to it.


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