3D Japanese Style Transom (Ranma) 7 Types


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7 Types of Operable 3D Transom (Ranma)



7 types of transoms are each divided into parts for customization.
It can be use together with 3D sliding door materials (sold separately).



It is composition of 5 parts and width can be adjust up, down and left, right.



Please move parts of the transom and horizontal column (upper)
with numerical adjustment of Y (up and down).

※If the gaps are made, please fill in with white after LT conversion, because the wall part also work.




※At the bottom part of transom, sliding door that are selling separately can fit perfectly.




When using it in a narrow room layout, please move both of side column parts by adjust the width with X (left and right).
※Please cut both sides of the extra after LT conversion.





・Transom 01_Wide Thick Lattice




※Finishing Example






・Transom 02_Wide Square Lattice




※Finishing Example






・Transom 03_Torii Shape





※Finishing Example






・Transom 04_Vertical Fine Lattice





※Finishing Example







・Transom 05_Small Window





※Finishing Example








・Transom 06_Wide Hanging Lattice





※Finishing Example







・Transom 07_Shōji





※Finishing Example




A Japanese room with perspective can be made freely with combination of
ceiling and items that sell separately like sliding door and Tatami.




※Drawing Example
・3D Transom (Ranma)_Small Window     ・3D Sliding Door_Yukimi Shōji

・3D Ceiling_Square Grid     ・Tatami_10 mats, side brush and Tatami lines image



Material Import and Setting Method

※Please Note※
The import method differs depends on each material.
Those who purchase for the first time and those who not confidence in digital knowledge,
please read before purchase.


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