Snow 8 Type Brushes


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Express snow with brush materials




①Snow_Snow Storm


It can easily draw irregular snow with stroke like example below.




Snowstorm can be made by changing thickness and direction.





②Snow Ground





Example of drawing on gradation.






③Snow Ribbon (Thin Line)
④Snow Ribbon (Thick Line)


These two ribbon brush will draw different thickness of outline.
※They are the same materials in the snow branch brushes.



The brush’s direction can be change to 180 degrees,
if the brush direction is difficult to use.






⑤Snow Cover Ribbon


This brush draw snow covering and stepping on the ground.




※How to use ribbon brush

First, prepare the object.




Draw the top outline with the ribbon brush.




Then fill with snow ribbon.




Adjust according to personal preference and completed.






⑥Snow Track



Example of drawing on gradient tone.
For ski or tires tracks.






⑦Footprint (Deep)


It have a narrow distance step and suitable for snowy places.





⑧Footprint (Shallow)


It have a wide distance step and suitable for shallow footprint.




Example of using combination of brushes.




Usage Example ①
※Brushes that are using
・All 8 type of Snow Brushes ・Tone Scraping Airbrush ・Snow Japanese Cedar Brush





Usage Example ②
※Brushes that are using
・All 8 type of Snow Brushes        ・Tone Scraping Airbrush
・Snow Japanese Cedar Brush      ・Snow Branch Brush
・Japanese Cedar Brush





Usage Example ③
※Brushes that are using
・Snow Ribbon (Thin Line)  ・Snow Cover
・Snow Japanese Cedar     ・Japanese Cedar       ・Sea Surface
・Smooth Cloud                ・Simple Grass        ・Large Rock (Black)    ・Small Rock (Black)




The particle shape are corresponding to monochrome.
Please change the anti-aliasing setting when using in color painting.


Material Import and Setting Method

※Please Note※
The import method differs depends on each material.
Those who purchase for the first time and those who not confidence in digital knowledge,
please read before purchase.


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