Snow Branch 5 Type Brushes


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Brush material that can draw snow and branches together




①Snow Branch


Snow Branch Brush material with snow and branches set.

bandicam 2017-01-20 17-20-59-736




By changing the direction setting, it can draw a radial snow branches.




In this way, the direction of the snow on the left will be reversed.
Please invert the snow branches.

bandicam 2017-01-20 17-22-52-606




The thickness of line can be change from
Filter tab→Correct Drawing Line→Correct Line Width 

※Fore more details please refer to “How to Correct Line Width“.




Drawing example of snow branch.

bandicam 2017-01-20 17-27-45-977



Enlarged View.

bandicam 2017-01-20 17-27-45-979





②Snow Ribbon (Thin Outline)
③Snow Ribbon (Thick Outline)


They are the same materials in the Snow 8 Type Brushes.

bandicam 2017-01-20 17-27-45-981




The brush’s direction can be change to 180 degrees,
if the brush direction is difficult to use.




The snow on branch can be added more by using the Snow Ribbon Brush.
bandicam 2017-01-20 17-27-45-985






④Snow Branch (Small)
⑤Snow Branch (Big)


It can draw snow falls according to the red line

bandicam 2017-01-20 17-27-56-152



Also can be added as extension for snow branch.
bandicam 2017-01-20 17-28-49-430




Here is the example of adding thick branch and
combining it with other snow branches.

bandicam 2017-01-20 17-33-01-404




Usage Example ①
※Brushes that are using
・Snow Branch  ・Snow (Snow storm)  ・Dead Tree (Black) ※Using white

bandicam 2017-01-20 17-50-30-530




Usage Example ②
※Brushes that are using
・All 8 type of Snow           ・Tone Scraping Airbrush
・Snow Japanese Cedar   ・Snow Branch        ・Japanese Cedar

bandicam 2017-01-20 17-50-30-532


Material Import and Setting Method

※Please Note※
The import method differs depends on each material.
Those who purchase for the first time and those who not confidence in digital knowledge,
please read before purchase.


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