3D Japanese Style Bar


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Customizable 3D Japanese Style Bar 


This 3D material collection include counter, table seat and floor stage seat.
Total 23 files with the base, accessories and whole complete set.

It can be used together with “3D Japanese Style Accessories (Kitchen)” that sold separately, and more detailed customization is possible.





1. Japanese Style Bar_Whole



Composition of 12 parts.
It is 22.8MB heavy file. Not recommended for low spec PC.




Finishing Example

※Brushes used,
Wood pattern, Soft Crosshatching, Linear Shading






2. Japanese Style Bar_Base


Composition of 10 parts.




Customize to desired floor plan by sliding the wall.




It is convenient to use “Ground” to install furniture.




Easily add more perspective effect with the function.






3. Japanese Style Bar_Counter Set


Composition of 10 parts.





4. Japanese Style Bar_Floor Stage Set


Composition of 8 parts.





5. Table Set


Composition of 7 parts.





6. Table (Single Item)


No movable part.





7. Chair (Single Item)


No movable part.





8. Low Table Set


Composition of 7 parts.





9. Partition 04


No movable part.






10. Meal Set 01


Composition of 8 parts.




Please tick the “Smooth” box to have a smoother curve result.






11. Meal Set 02


Composition of 6 parts.






12. Bowl


No movable part.




13. Bowl Pile


No movable part.





14. Large Dish


No movable part.




15. Large Dishes Pile


No movable part.






16. Small Dish _Pickles


No movable part.






17. Earnthenware Pot


Composition of 2 parts.





18. Sake Bottle & Cups Set


Composition of 3 parts.






19. Sake Bottle 03


No movable part.





20. Chopsticks


Composition of 3 parts.





21. Chopsticks Stand


Composition of 2 parts.





22. Seasoning Box


Composition of 6 parts.





23. Tray & 4 Cups (Face Down)


Composition of 5 parts.





Sample of the LT Conversion Setting



Material Import and Setting Method

※Please Note※
The import method differs depends on each material.
Those who purchase for the first time and those who not confidence in digital knowledge, please read before purchase.

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