3D Japanese-Village Style Teahouse


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Easy customize with prefer accessories


This is a 3D materials collection of Japanese-Village Style Teahouse and Accessories.
Total 13 files.

It can be used together with “3D Japanese Style Accessories (Kitchen)” that sold separately, and more detailed customization is possible.




1. Japanese-Village Style Teahouse (Bench Ver.)


Composition of 10 parts.




Easily add more perspective effect with the function.





2. Japanese-Village Style Teahouse (Edge Board Ver.)


Composition of 5 parts.




Finishing Example

※Brushes Used
Sketching Style Hatching, Black Leaves (Big/Wide), Simple Grass, Ground (Leveling)
Dead Tree (Black with White), Linear Shading





Japanese-Village Style Teahouse (Base)


Composition of 6 parts.





It is convenient to use “Ground” to install furniture.






4. 3 Tatami + Edge Board


Composition of 3 parts.






5.Wooden Bench


No movable part.





6.Wooden Bench_Long


No movable part.





7.Outdoor Umbrella


No movable part.


Enlarged View





8. Sign Box


No movable part.





9.Hanging Flag


No movable part.





10. Flag Banner


No movable part.





11.Bamboo Screen


No movable part.
98 accuracy of detection.






12.Tray & 3 Cups


Composition of 4 parts.




Please tick the “Smooth” box to have a smoother curve result.






13.Dumpling & Tea Set


Composition of 5 parts.




Sample of the LT Conversion Setting


Material Import and Setting Method

※Please Note※
The import method differs depends on each material.
Those who purchase for the first time and those who not confidence in digital knowledge, please read before purchase.


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