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Just Add A Little Trick! How To Draw Leaves Pile With Falling Leaves Material

Since natural object like leaves need a depiction of numbers, drawing will take a lot of troubles.

A mountain of fallen leaves is such a crazy drawing.

Fallen Leaves brush material will make it easy to draw with just one stroke.
This page introduces the tips on how to draw a easy pile of fallen leaves.


Learn how to correct line width of brush material here

Learn basics of brush materials here




Draw a leaves pile with a Falling Leaves Brush


First draw roughly of the leaves pile.
Here use fallen leaves brush (piled).

The brush is initially set to draw distance view by controlling the pen pressure.
From the bottom to the top, stroke the brush by following the red arrow direction.

Add some leaves (dancing) as an accent (blue circle).





The shape of pile has been completed.
But in this state, there is not sense of stability at all, it has a unnatural gravity look.





By fixing that, fill in both side that causes the unnatural.
Create a new layer below, change the direction of the brush stroke to draw the outline of the pile.





Now the outline was made, the sense of stability increased.





The state where the front layer of pile is hidden.
It is a trick to change the direction at random.





Finally, do a little touch-up (optional).
When the paper is not displayed (showing transparent part),
gaps can be seen between white backgrounds.





Make a layer at the bottom, and complete it by filling up the gaps with solid color (beta).





This is the final composition.
It’s okay to merge layers after you completed editing.



You can easily draw leaves pile if you use the brush material even it looks complicated.
Please give it a try.



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