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People Who Sick Of Drawing Natural Object Must See! Draw Forest Fallen Leaves Landscape With Fallen Leaves Brush Material

The fallen leaves scattered in the forest need a depiction of the number,
and it is quite a hard work to draw one by one.

The falling leaves brush materials can makes such effort lesser.

These brush materials is suitable for mass drawing,
You can draw a lot of leaves with stamp and stroke alone.
This page shows you how to draw fallen leaves to add an atmosphere to the forest drawing.


Learn how to correct line width of brush material here

Learn basics of brush materials here




Forest with Fallen Leaves・Making



To draw a natural scenery, it will be more realistic when you refer to a picture.





Draw tree trunks according to my draft.
Here used Cedar’s trunk, branch, root brush.





This brush material contain a white background.
Draw more efficiently by using the white background.





Make a new layer below and draw some rocks under the trunk layer.
※Using the Large rock brush (black) and Small rock brush (black).
Since the rock is hidden uner the trunk’ white background,
it doesn’t need to cut according to the shape of the trunk.
If you divide it into multiple layers, you can draw efficiency
(but the number of layer should be as long as you can understand).





Make the outline of rock thicker (because the outline of rock is a bit thinner than trunks)
Learn how to correct line width of brush material here





Make a new layer at the bottom and make some foundation with “fallen leaves brush (simple)”.





Next create a new layer at the top.
Then stamp more fallen leaves that overlap the trunks and rocks with a fallen leaves brush (decayed).





Make some presence in fallen leaves overlapping the root of the trunk.





Make a new layer between “fallen leaves at the top” and “trunks” and drop some shadow.





Adjust the whole balancing by adding more fallen leaves to random places.





Make a new layer at the bottom and add grassland.
Simple grass brush and root ground brush used.





Make another layer again at the top, add grass to the tree’s root.
※Ground grass (white) brush and Black grass brush used





Put a light gradation tone under the white background of each part and scrape it.





By using white background, you can save tons of time and effort to cut the tone according to the shape.
Light tone is useful for quick shadowing because coarse processing is not noticeable.





The fallen leaves lanscape of forest is completed.





Here is the final layer composition.
If you divide the layers to multiple layers,
you can easily make correction and also improve the efficiency of finishing.
You can merge the layers after you completed. 



The brush material is very suitable for the creation of natural objects requiring a large amount of drawing.
In the manual work, the process of becoming heavy is performed only with the brush stamp and stroke.
It is a feature of brush material.


Please give it a try.



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