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Another Point Of View. The Drawing Of Bird’s Eye View Cliff With Rock Wall Brush (White)


There are various ways of drawing, texture and the expression method on the rock, but consistently diffcult object to draw.

If you use the rock wall brush (white), it can be drawn simply by stroking.


This page show you how to draw a cliff with a bird’s eye angle.


Learn how to correct line width of brush material here

Learn basics of brush materials here




Drawing Bird’s Eye View Cliff with Rock Wall Brush



When we stroke the rock wall brush, the rock wall will be drawn like the picture below.





For a mild bird’s eye view, you can use “Free Transform”.





However, with deformation at a sharp angle, the shape is much distorted,
since it became an unnatural appearance, we need ingenuity.

First, decide the perspective angle and draft an image of the background.






Next, change the setting of the direction of the brush by preparation under the brush.
Check the “Direction of line” from the blue frame pull down
and change the direction to 90 degrees.



With the above setting
You will be able to draw rock walls along the direction of the stroke.





Stroke the brush along the draft of the top cliff.





To show the separation between the lower cliff and perspective,
trace the outline and make it thicker.





Create a new layer below, draw the second rows with weak pen pressure,
then slightly trace the outline.
※The brush material has been initialized to change the drawing size by pen pressure.





Same way, the third and fourth rows will also be drawn with reference to draft.
Lower the pen pressure (lower the drawing size) as going down (far).






Draw the opposite cliffs in the same way.





Apply a gradation on the bottom of the layer and made a river.





Add bushes as accent to places of rock wall.
※Black leaves brush (distant view) used





It is completed by adding shadows with tones.
Here, as we go deeper (downward), shadow the bottom part that away from sunlight.




The rock wall brush can make various angles and direction by setting,
it is the greatest feature that can draw complex rock by stroke only.

Please give it a try.



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